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We are a loving family with a BIG CHALLENGE. We decided to spend some creative quality time together, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A WHOLE YEAR. 366days | 366projects


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Tracing the steps of Von Trapp family in Salzburg

On our way back home from the Alpweek conference, we stopped in a beautiful Austrian citiy Salzburg. It is famous for being the birthplace of the composer W.A, Mozart, for its beautiful arcitecture and as the location of the movie "The sound of music".

Since we love the movie, we made sure, we:
- sang at the top of the Mirabelle gardens
- visited the marionette theatre
- walked to the palace up the hill
- posed at the famous Horse well

Along the way we visited the W.A.Mozart's birth house, the house where he lived and even the  wonderful natural history museum called "Haus der Natur".
In the evening, we headed back home to Slovenia and sang the "Sound of music" songs along the way.

IMG_1811_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1814_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1819_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1834_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1840_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_1843_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1873_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1852_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1867_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1872_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1882_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1888_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1895_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1901_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1903_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1911_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1914_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1934_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1938_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1948_pop_(1600_x_1200).jpg

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