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The famous Idrijski žlikrofi

Our town is famous for its culinary delicacy called "Idrijski žlikrofi". It is a fresh pasta dish, made with potato and herb filling. It is usually served with a roast or just its delicious sauce. The little "fellows" loke similar as tortellini, but their shape is slightly different. They look like Napoleon hats. The legend says, they were made for the first time in Napoleon's honor, and served to him by a beautiful girl, who then became his companion (I bet he really fell in love with her žlikrofi).

The dish is made for every festivity in almost every house in our town. Every family has its own secret recipe, that's passed on the next generations. We even have a special celebration at the end of the summer to honor it.

And what better way to celebrate, than to make our own. Since they are quite difficult to make and today was our first try, we are very happy with the result. 


If you decide to try to make them, here is the recipe.

Recipe for Idrijski žlikrofi

1. You have to make the filling in the shape of little marbles. You can prepare them the evening before the planned festivity, as they can rest over night in the refrigerator.
To make them you need:
- 500 g of potatoes
- 50 g of lard with minced cracklings
- 50 g of onion
- chives
- marjoram
- black pepper
- sea salt

First you have to put the potatoes to a boil. In a separate pan heat the lard with cracklings until it melts. When potatoes are cooked they need to be mashed and mixed with the lard, finely chopped marjoram and chives, black pepper and salt. When the mixture cools down, make balls as big as marbles and place them stacked up on a plate.

2. Make the pasta dough. You will need:
- 300 g of plain flour
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp of oil
- a little bit of water or milk to reach the right softness

On the working surface make a pile of the flour with a liitle hole on the top and pour in the egg. You will have to mix the two ingredients and then knead it until the dough is smooth, silky and elastic. Then put it to rest for at least 30 minutes covered with the transparent foil.

3. Making the "žlikrofi" is the most difficult part of the process.
First you have to roll out the dough. It has to be as thin as the edge of the knife. Then you place your potato marbles on the edge of the rolled out dough. You have to leave at least 1 cm between them. Then roll the balls into the dough from left side to the right side until the whole line is covered. Indicate the shape with fingers and press gently, then cut on the separate pieces. 

You will have to shape each žlikrof one by one. First press firmly the sides to make the ˝ears˝ and then turn them around and make the ˝hollow˝ on the top. Children's fingers are perfect for the task ;-)

When each žlikrofi is shaped, you have to place them on the wooden tray in straight lines. When all the pasta is used, you can eat the rest of the potato filling. It is delitious :-)

Žlikrofi have to be boiled in a big amount of salted water. When they raise up they are ready to take them out and serve them immediately.

Bon Appétit

IMG_1044_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1050_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1055_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1057_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1060_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1063_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1065_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1072_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1085_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1086_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1090_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1091_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1092_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1093_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_1095_(1600_x_1200).jpg

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