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We are a loving family with a BIG CHALLENGE. We decided to spend some creative quality time together, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A WHOLE YEAR. 366days | 366projects


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Vibrant tissue collage

This beautiful activity was all Zoja's idea. She wanted to be a teacher for quite some time, and she was so happy when it finally happened. She had her idea and prepared everything.

- First we had to cut 4 paper handkerchiefs in 4 x 4 little squares (if you want the pieces to be neat, you'll have to help a little).

- Then we had to draw different patterns on them, using color markers. We colored  them together, so it would become our joint family masterpiece.

- At the end we arranged the little pieces together in a cute quilt like masterpiece but unfortunately didn't have the time to tape them. So I just saved them for later and forgot all about them. 

- Today I found the little pieces waiting patiently in my drawer and the girls made a new arrangement. We carefully placed the pieces on a transparent adhesive paper and framed them.

I looove this project, especially because it was Zoja's idea and it turned up gorgeous! Great job supergirl!

14733708_1793079597631755_2512338993786388480_n.jpg 12920270_778474982289140_9027222220041056434_n.jpg 1913542_778475015622470_4106213848008721837_n.jpg 12919927_778474988955806_8201121232167729973_n.jpg 12928229_778475008955804_7586789223675984637_n.jpg

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