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We are a loving family with a BIG CHALLENGE. We decided to spend some creative quality time together, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A WHOLE YEAR. 366days | 366projects


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"Send a postcard" project

We love postcards. We send them from every summer holiday, we make them for birthdays and we even design them for sending the holiday joy.

We usually don't write them, but draw pictures on them. This way the kids were able to send them as soon as they could sit down and hold a pencil. A few months ago we posted our postcards on our Instagram account and a lovely lady from Babble dabble do commented, that she would love to receive one. And then it clicked. 

We decided we would send colorful postcards ful of love and good energy around the world. Every time we send a postcard, we would also learn about the country we send it to an by doing so combine learning and creating. What a perfet match <3. 

The first postcard was sent to America, to lovely Ana from "Babble dabble do", the next one to lovely family in Ireland, on postcard flew to a beautiful soul in Sweden and today we send one to Canada. 

We would also love to send a postcard to Australia, Russa, China and Japan. So if you are frome any of these countris or you know someone there, we would love to receive their address*. We will send some lovely creative vibes ;-)

I hope this post inspires you to send a postcard to a stranger and brighten their day. IF you want, you can also send it to us. We will be thrilled to get to know your country <3
You can write to:

Kreativna družina
Mrakova ulica 7
5280 Idrija

*You can send your address to our e-mail: hello@kreativnadruzina.si

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There are no affiliate links on our blog, as I don't know how to make them ;-) So for now I just share with you what I love ♥



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