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We are a loving family with a BIG CHALLENGE. We decided to spend some creative quality time together, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A WHOLE YEAR. 366days | 366projects


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Fly me to the moon

A few days ago we received a super "stikeez box set" from Lidl Slovenija. The kids played with the little figurines for a couple of days and then Filip got an idea and said: "Let's make a space movie!".

First we had to make the background. We used black card paper and drew a gazillion white dots on it. They represent the stars.
Then we made the planets. We checked out all the planets of our solar system and drew them. We also included some of the imaginary stikeez planets ("Lunirin", "Flomastorin","Contro" and "Sticko") ;-)
We colored them with coloring pencils and cut them out.
The last thing we had to do was a rocket banner and we were ready to start filming.

We decided to use a stop motion technique. We mounted my phone on a tripod and began taking pictures. Filip made up the screenplay and started to move all the objects, while I took photos. 116 photos later, the work was done.

We used the iPhone app Stop motion studio for movie editing and this is the result.
We looove it <3 <3 <3


IMG_1510(1)_(1280_x_1024).jpg IMG_1511(1)_(1280_x_1024).jpg IMG_1521(1)_(1280_x_1024).jpg IMG_1524(1)_(1280_x_1024).jpg IMG_1516_(1280_x_1024).jpg

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